Download Bitdefender 2018 Free For Windows And Mac

Download Bitdefender 2018 Free For Windows And Mac - Bitdefender Antivirus for Windows And Mac provides the most advanced technologies against new and unknown cyber-threats without slowing down your Windows or Mac. 

Download Bitdefender 2018 Free For Windows And Mac were designed to enable you to appreciate your computer to the max, without needing to worry about viruses and other e-threats. Calling it "artificial intelligence" since it will always find the best way for your system to stay clear of dangers without needing special configuring.

And, more to the point, without slowing your system down. Bitdefender Free Edition stocks a number of the revolutionary technology that let main product line to outpass major competitors like AVG, Avast or Avira.

Download Bitdefender 2018 Free For Windows And Mac utilizes a combo of Cloud scanning and behavioral evaluation to detect new or unknown dangers that other antiviruses miss. Bitdefender uses proprietary technology, as well as some other technologies integrated to offer maximum strength against e-threats.

Download Bitdefender 2018 Free For Windows And Mac Exclusive, top-of-the-heap defense:

Real-time Shield
The real time shield was made to safeguard your entire system out of infected documents coming from the outside until they have an opportunity to spread inside your PC.

Active Virus Control
Proactive technologies that rapidly and correctly detects potential threats, even in circumstances of new viruses for which there is not any default security introduced yet.

Intrusion Detection System
Ensures that applications try to access the Internet or the network isn't masked malware. Intrusion Detection is automatically alerted when such apps act in a suspect manner and block them when they go over the limit.

Proactively finds unknown threats that other products miss, by assessing how apps behave in a safe atmosphere. If no malicious actions are discovered, B-Have begins the program generally. Otherwise, it will automatically quarantine or delete it.

HTTP Scanning
Safeguards you from scams like credit card phishing attempts, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition scans all the links you access from your browser and then blocks them when they prove to be harmful. Bitdefender Antivirus 2018 Free Edition uses special technology that blocks and finds such malicious applications.

Early Boot Scanning
This technology scans the machine at boot time, the moment all critical services are loaded. First boot scan guarantees virus detection at system startup, while also improving boot period.

Automobile Scan
A time and resource saver, Auto Scan is a Bitdefender 2018 proprietary technology that focuses virus detection efforts on dangerous locations.

Download Bitdefender 2018 Free For Windows And Mac is an award winning antivirus and Internet security package that is equipped with powerful tools to keep your system safe in every way conceivable. Using a clean and straightforward interface, Bitdefender provides high levels of customization or beginners can make use of this AutoPilot feature which automatically adjusts to a balanced security setting. New features include Safepay, a secure virtualised browser (finish with a virtual keyboard and Wi-Fi hotspot protection) which protects your payment data while banking or shopping online, the USB Immunizer that immunizes any flash drives from virus infections when connected to a computer, also Bitdefender Anti-Theft that safeguards your private information on lost or stolen devices by finding, wiping or cleaning your device liberally.

Bitdefender comes complete with a Safebox feature which automatically backs up your documents into a protected cloud storage (the first 2GB of the storage area is free) and can be accessible from any other device.

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